The Importance of Remarketing for Your Cannabis Business

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With increasing competition in the industry, it’s crucial for cannabis businesses to turn prospective audiences into customers. Making use of a popular marketing tactic called remarketing is a smart way to do this.

Remarketing refers to targeting audiences that have already shown interest in your brand. The importance of remarketing lies in the fact that most people need several touchpoints before completing a purchase. According to a marketing tool called “the rule of seven,” the average customer needs to hear about your brand around seven times before they’ll be motivated enough to buy from you.

With the help of a clever remarketing strategy, you can enjoy powerful retargeting benefits like increased brand awareness and conversions. By targeting people who have already interacted with your company, you can create more relevant, personalized ads, and you’re more likely to reach potential customers.

Read on to learn useful weed business tips for targeting valuable audiences with remarketing.

Valuable Audiences to Target With Your Remarketing Campaigns

Here are some of the most common types of audiences you can target with your remarketing campaigns.

Existing Customers

Reengaging with your existing customers is the most straightforward form of remarketing. You can introduce them to new products, offers, and loyalty programs or simply increase brand awareness through newsletters, ads, or your social media platforms.

Website Visitors

Targeting your website visitors is another effective remarketing strategy. Website visitors are usually interested in your brand and might be on the verge of purchasing from you. Reminding them of the products they’ve viewed or their abandoned shopping carts with personalized emails or ads is a great way to attract them back to your website.

People Who Showed Interest in Your Brand

You can also target people who showed interest in your previous campaigns or viewed your photos and videos. They already know about your brand but might need some encouragement to convert. Popular advertising manager platforms like Ads Manager or Google Ads are great tools to find and engage with this type of audience.

How to Create an Effective Remarketing Strategy

In order to build an effective remarketing strategy, you need to:

  • Define your audiences and segment them according to where they are on the customer journey.
  • Decide whether you want to use an ad manager tool, start an email remarketing campaign, or target customers on your social media platforms by examining your audience types, goals, and budget.
  • Convey a strong message tailored to the type of audience you want to retarget.

It can be useful to test out different channels and ad types to find the best solutions. You also need to pay attention to ad frequency. If a user sees your ad too many times in a short period, they might find it boring or frustrating. As there isn’t an ideal ad frequency that’s optimal for all weed businesses, actively analyzing and evaluating your campaigns is crucial to achieving success.

How HIGHOPES Can Help You

As rewarding as it is for your cannabis brand, building a successful remarketing strategy can be difficult. Working with a professional cannabis branding agency like HIGHOPES can help you make the most out of your remarketing campaigns. Get in touch with us today and elevate your cannabis brand by targeting the right audiences with the right message.

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