Leave a lasting impression for your customer with purposeful packaging.

Never judge a book by its cover. That’s better in theory than practice because your brand’s packaging design is typically the first major impression on a consumer.

Your product’s packaging is the stage for your brand to let the world kow who you are, what your story is, and what you represent.

Double Delicious Cannabis Packaging Design - Sativa Cartridge
Better Daze Cannabis Packaging Design - Grape Dosi
McDole Brothers Cannabis Packaging Design - Ginger Molasses Edible
Harbor House Cannabis Packaging Design - Vaporizer Cartridge
GoodGood Cannabis Packaging Design - Pre-Roll Pack

Here are the ins and outs on how we can lend a helping hand with our packaging services.


  • Manufacturers

  • Printers

  • Online Services

  • USA Based

  • Apparel & Merch


  • Materials & Finishes

  • Packaging Systems

  • Secondary Labeling

  • Complaince

Packaging Design

  • Visual Direction

  • Product Dielines

  • Strain/Effect Labels

  • Competitor Analysis


  • Spellchecking

  • Pantone Matching

  • Artwork Review

  • Compliance


  • POS Displays

  • Product Merchandiser

  • Shipping Boxes

Our approach is about establishing a strong system, designing for your audience, and ensuring it works for your operations.

This is what you can expect with our packaging process.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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