Brand Marketing

It's crucial to invest in building a good brand, but it's equally important to establish a funnel of business to that good brand. Cannabis marketing collateral can take many shapes and forms that all share the same goal, getting the word out about your business. Whether it's advertising, sales materials, promotional items or anything in between, HIGHOPES can help market your brand to increase profits.

Cannabis Marketing Material

Attract consumers, increase sales & promote your brand.

The most efficient way to channel business to your brand is through print and digital advertising. It's recommended that new business owners spend between 20 - 30% of their annual budget on advertising in their first couple years. In an industry as competitive as cannabis, the success of your business hinges on the ability to reach and connect with consumers.

Cannabis Marketing Budtenders

give budtenders the tools they need to help you succeed.

As a cultivator, especially in non-vertically integrated states, it's vital to provide retailers with sales materials that helps them sell your product. The right marketing collateral teaches about your pricing, products, and brand. If budtenders are educated, they are more likely to become free brand ambassadors and drive their customers to your products.

Cannabis Customer Personas

Let Consumers know the in's and out's of your brand.

Building a strong consumer following and establishing brand loyalty doesn't happen overnight. It's requires consistent communication and education on your brand with your target audience through various marketing materials. HIGHOPES can design and produce any collateral your cannabis brand needs to let your consumers know who you are, what you value and what you can offer them.

Cannabis Marketing Design

Booths, Banners, Brochures. We can handle it all.

We understand marketing materials can take many shapes and forms, that's why we have gained experience in designing for all mediums. From a small sticker to a big booth, every opportunity to promote your brand helps spread the word and connect with consumers. It only takes one moment to create a customer for life.


Let's Execute Great Cannabis Marketing, Together.

If you want to join forces on a project or learn more about what we can do for your cannabis brand, get in touch with us. We'd be glad to hear from you and answer any questions you have.