Cannabis Digital Marketing & Advertising

Attract consumers, increase sales & promote your cannabis brand.

Cannabis marketing can take many shapes and forms that all share the same goal – getting the word out about your business.

Whether it’s advertising, in-store materials, promotional items, or anything between, we can
help market your brand to increase profits.

Dispensary Marketing Billboard for Campfire Cannabis
Best Buds Dispensary Business Card Design
Weedmaps Advertising for Slidderz
Nuvata Cannabis Marketing Design for High Times
Wunder Cannabis Business Card Design

Meet Your New Cannabis Marketing Agency

At HIGHOPES, we take pride in guiding cannabis businesses toward effectively connecting with their target audience. We understand the unique hurdles of the cannabis digital marketing space, and we’ve perfected methods for overcoming them.

Here are the ins and outs on how we can lend a helping hand with our branding services.


  • Keyword Strategy

  • Off-Page Tactics

  • Listing Distribution

  • Listing Syncing

  • Reporting

Blog Copywriting

  • On-Page SEO

  • Topic Ideation

  • Content Writing

  • Scheduled Posting

Digital Marketing

  • Banner Ads

  • Geofencing

  • Pay-per-click

Print & Out of Home

  • Magazine & Newspaper
  • Promo & Event Collateral
  • Billboards
  • Signage & Banners
  • Guerilla Marketing

In-Store Collateral

  • Brand & Product Booklet

  • Budtender Education

  • POS Postcards

  • Shelf Talkers

  • Promotional Stickers


  • Merch Product Curation
  • Merch Art Direction
  • Customizable E-Com Template
  • Drop ship Setup & Integration

Discover the Power of Expert Cannabis Digital Marketing

Beginning as early as the concepting phase and ending with hitting “live” on ad campaigns, we’ll guide you through cannabis digital marketing best practices at each step. Below are some of the perks of taking advantage of our dispensary marketing services.

Industry Expertise

At HIGHOPES, we make it our business to know what’s happening in the cannabis business. We can quickly spot what makes your brand special and how to show that to potential new customers. Digital marketing for cannabis companies requires a special touch, and we’ve got it.

Precision Targeting

Our marketing experts know the best places to put your ads so that the people looking for you can find you. Whether you’re strictly an online business or you’re a local one like a cannabis dispensary, digital marketing done right can make a huge difference.

Data-Driven Results

Our marketing strategy is grounded in hard facts. We research the competition, follow industry trends, and study data from previous campaigns to know what works. And we’ve handled digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries specializing in just about every cannabis product, so we have a lot of data to pull from. Our techniques have been proven to drive quality traffic to websites.

Compliance Mastery

From guidelines around discussing potency to restrictions on listing THC, digital marketing comes with a lot of red tape for cannabis companies. We can help you find the cannabis internet marketing sweet spot while adhering to local and federal regulations. We do this through expert insight on:

  • Which platforms allow cannabis content
  • Cannabis regulations for each social media platform
  • What language you can (and can’t) use in cannabis content


Whether you’re creating landing pages or Facebook ads, we’ll ensure your message is in full compliance. That way, you can focus on making more sales — not battling legal headaches.

Creative Content Production

With your business goals and brand voice in mind, we’ll create content like striking social media videos and buzz-worthy blogs that get people talking about your company. The cannabis industry is crowded, so digital marketing for dispensaries and other cannabis companies simply has to stand out. We know how to make that happen.

Our approach is about exploring different channels and identifying the highest ROI then adding fuel to the fire.

This is what you can expect with our marketing & advertising process.

Give our thoughts and insights on marketing and advertising a read.

We know the challenges of marketing in the cannabis industry as well as anyone. Luckily there are ever expanding avenues in all markets that we can take advantage of to reach our customers effectively.

In our blog, we cover thoughts on emerging marketing technology in cannabis – as well as thoughts on all of the classic channels we love (to hate).

Cannabis Digital Marketing Services That Stay True to Your Brand

At HIGHOPES, we don’t see you as just a client — you’re our partner. We invite you into every step of the process because we know the best results come from combining our methods with your messaging. Whether you’re an online business or a dispensary, digital marketing can propel your brand awareness to new heights. Start chatting with one of our cannabis digital marketing service experts today.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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