The Packaging Design Process: What to Expect

How to Fully Prepare for the Packaging Design Process

What is product packaging? It’s the container that keeps your product fresh and safe in transit from the manufacturer to your home. And is product packaging important? Absolutely—if it looks dank, people will think it’s dank. People with different backgrounds, interests, and budgets all buy weed, and your packaging is part of your brand identity.

We’re sure you have a specific idea of what you want your pack to look like, and we want you to know everything to expect in the packaging design process.. That’s why we’re bringing you this article today. We’ll walk you through everything from concept to print, and by the end, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to bring your ideal design to life.


You probably already have this part down pat. At this stage, you’re taking your idea and figuring out how to tailor it to your target audience. Chances are, if you like it, your audience will enjoy it as well, but sometimes ideas are more vivid in your mind than they are in print. Being clear on what you want is more important than being “realistic” here.


At this stage, you’ll want to allocate a budget to your project. It’s better to overshoot than undershoot. You may not end up spending it all but don’t be cheap. Remember that your packaging is usually the first thing your customers see before they open the pack, and first impressions are everything.

Then, set a deadline and stick to it. Setting a deadline forces you to use your time and resources intelligently and efficiently. Being punctual and communicating clearly with your network will show that you mean business, helping you get your design correct and on time.


This step in the packaging design process will probably occur in multiple stages throughout development. During this main research phase, you’ll want to decide exactly who will illustrate your design, who your printing supplier will be, and where you potentially want to place your product. 


Once you have all of your artwork, deadlines, and text ready to go, it’s time to send it to your package manufacturer. They will create a mock package for you to review. Depending on your deal with your manufacturer, you can then refine the design. Some designs don’t always translate from digital to real-life packaging as your illustrator created them. You may have to cut some parts of your design out or move things around to raise the quality of the final result.


Once your design fits your liking, it’s time to test it on the market, which will tell you if it’s as good as you hoped or not. You can give out a few samples to your loyal supporters and ask them what they think about it. You can also give dispensers a few packs and ask how people react to your design. 

Hire a Professional Branding Agency to Refine Your Design

Based on the information you receive from your testing, you can bring your data to a professional branding agency to refine your design. Agencies such as Highopes know the ins and outs of the packaging design process. We’ve worked with hundreds of other clients and mastered the formula to make your packs fly off the shelves. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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