4 Dispensary Design Standards to Make Your Space Pop

Four Dispensary Design Standards to Maximize Your Space

So you’ve just closed the deal on the property for your brand-new dispensary, and now you have free reign to design your space. However, rearranging your living room for your last kickback is not like rearranging. 

Different states have rules and regulations on design that dispensaries have to follow to stay in business. Some are reasonable, and some seem like they were put in place by disgruntled politicians who are mad they couldn’t keep weed illegal.

While going through all of the stipulations in each state is beyond the scope of this article, realize they exist, and you’ll have to be creative within these boundaries. In this article, we’ll discuss four dispensary design standards that will make your space pop and entice customers to stick around and spend money with you.

Customer Flow

Many weed-legal states have regulations on how customers can enter a dispensary. For example, in California, clients must check-in and show ID at a kiosk with security nearby. Your establishment’s design should create a seamless flow that allows customers to reach the kiosk only after entering the door, before they can explore the rest of the store.

Not only does this comply with the law and increase security, but it also allows you to be creative with the trajectory from the door to the kiosk, making it a fun experience for your clients.

First Impressions

From the time your customers walk in, they should feel they are about to get exactly what they came for. This will broadly relate to branding, which we’ll discuss later, but from the moment people walk into your dispensary, they will automatically assume the vibe of your product. 

If you have graffiti on the wall and employees who look a little rough around the edges, customers will expect a particular type of product. They may expect a different kind of product if they walk into a dispensary with a minimalist design that looks more like an Apple store.


The most effective dispensary designs have an open space in the middle and most of the product against the walls. Premium products in jewelry cases may be right in front of the wall, which employees can walk behind, and lower-tier products hanging from hooks on the wall. 

This allows customers to easily point to what they want and employees to quickly obtain it for them and take it to the register. It also helps a lot with security by creating a situation where all products flow from places customers are unable to touch until they purchase them.


It’s vital to inject your brand into every part of your dispensary’s design. Take ideas from some of the products you sell. Look at their packaging and consider what you think will sell the most. Use the same aesthetic around your establishment that mirrors the aesthetic of those products’ packaging.

Think about what you want your dispensary to be known for. Some people love certain places because of the artwork on the walls and the attractiveness of the budtenders. Some people love others because of how quick and easy it is to get in and out. Some people like dispensaries that look more like a doctor’s office than a weed shop. Consider who your primary customers will be and tailor your design to them.

Hire a Professional to Design Your Store

We hope this short list of dispensary design standards doesn’t dull your vision of how you want your store to look. It can actually inspire more creativity when you set limitations (along with some provided for you by the government). There are also design agencies that can help you maximize the flow of your space. Agencies such as Highopes can help you with layout, branding, packaging, and more to create an experience your clients will never forget. Contact us today to learn more.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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