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Use your brand’s website to further connect, captivate, and convert.

Websites do more than just take your cannabis brand to an online audience. They create your silent salesman; a sales funnel that never stops working for you or your brand. You want to ensure your brand’s web design makes the right first impression.

A great website will draw customers to you, push foot traffic to your dispensary, and – in some cases – sell for you in your sleep.

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Here are the ins and outs on how we can lend a helping hand with our web design services.

UX/UI Design

  • User experience

  • User interface

  • E-commerce

  • Compliance


  • Full-stack development

  • CMS Implementation

  • Built-in Design
    Systems & Rules

  • WCAG 2.0 & ADA Compliance


  • Dutchie API integrations

  • Jane API integrations

  • Cannabis e-commerce

  • CMS based solutions


  • Backups

  • Staging environments

  • Plugin updates

  • Website monitoring

  • Automated reporting


  • Live training seminars

  • Training videos

  • Custom functionality

  • Easy-to-use website frameworks


  • Lazy loading

  • CDN integrations

  • Caching integrations

  • Automated minification

Our approach is about capturing your brand’s essence and strategizing the structure of information then custom coding it into reality.

This is what you can expect with our web design process.

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As the industry becomes more reliant on brand digital presence, you need a creative agency you can trust to keep up-to-date on it all: Best practices, new technologies, and increasing the likelihood that our customers make a purchasing decision on our sites.

We cover all that, and more, in our blog. Go ahead and give the button below a click to learn more.


Your website is where you control your digital brand. Your website is a space you create that showcases your product or service. You control the content and tell potential clients about what you do and how you do it. Your website is a reflection of you, your company, and your product.
Your website should have all the information necessary to help promote your brand. Your contact information must be easily obtainable on your site. You want people to know how to contact you. Remember, you want your website to reach as many people as possible. The following items should be on your site:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address or Contact Form
  • Product or Service List
  • Prices


Your website should also include any specials you are running and events. If you items directly from your website, you’ll of course need a shopping cart system and the ability to take payments.

If you have a cannabis website design or dispensary website design professional, they will be able to help you attract more attention to your products or services. Choosing to have a professional design your website is often an intelligent choice.

A professional website designer specializing in dispensary web design will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind website. It will be modern, easy to navigate and tell your customers everything they need to know about your products or services. You need more than an excellent website. Your website needs to be coded correctly to attract the attention of search engines. If search engines can’t find your site, you won’t sell any products or provide services.

Your website designer will make sure you avoid technical glitches on your site. Plus, they will make sure your website pages don’t take forever to load. There is nothing that turns a customer off more than difficulty navigating your site, or your site not loading fast enough. Many people use their smartphones to check out websites. A professional website designer will be able to solve these problems, and more.

A necessary part of any website design is the layout. You have a header, content, and a footer. With a website, you will have a user-friendly navigation column placed somewhere on the page. Basic layouts are modified to reflect the needs of the business.

After you choose the basic design, you can add multiple pages. Your first page is called a homepage, and additional pages often include, “About” pages. You will have a “Contact” page and informational pages and product pages as necessary. Each page is personalized.

A computer user needs to navigate through your website. This structure works best if it is easy to understand and marked on each web page on your site. Links need to be in a different color or font.

You will want to include images that relate to your cannabis website design. Business logos, drawing, and photos will help your website stand out.

First, it’s important to recognize that not all website design companies are created equal – and because the cannabis industry has so many obstacles to securing sales, you’ll need to hire a team that specializes in web design for cannabis businesses to navigate those pitfalls. Let’s consider a few of the common challenges associated with cannabis sales and look at how HIGHOPES can address them:

  • Too many new cannabis stores opening up locally and online: HIGHOPES offers naming & logo design services to set you apart from the crowd.
  • There is still a stigma attached to the use of cannabis products in many parts of the US and abroad: We create informative content that informs your website visitors and educates them on the many benefits of marijuana use.
  • All cannabis products tend to look alike on the Web: We can help with a unique package design and packaging ideas that attract new buyers and boost your digital marketing efforts. These cannabis internet design services ensure your brand stands out in a crowded market.
  • It takes a while before a new website will rank well on Google: HIGHOPES offers SEO, website optimization, and copywriting to improve your presence online.
  • Older websites can load slowly and may have pages that end in errors: We specialize in cannabis website design and development. In fact, you won’t find a better cannabis web design agency anywhere.

A responsive, high-performance website will make a significant difference in your customers’ experience on your site. We’ll streamline your site so that visitors can easily find the products they’re looking for, then checkout seamlessly within seconds. Since Google ranks customer experience as one of the most critical factors for ranking, their algorithm will reward your site with a position on their search engine that will improve sales even further. As a HIGHOPES client, you can consider your new cannabis website design one of the best investments you make in the early years of doing business in the cannabis industry.

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