5 Must-Know Cannabis Branding Tips (From a Top Branding Agency)

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A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine how dramatically the cannabis industry has evolved. Once sidelined legally, the cannabis business is now projected to be worth $30 billion — requiring the help of a branding agency.

‘Branding’ is a marketing term referring to the process a business takes to stand apart from its competitors. When you create a brand for your cannabis business, you are making your products and services distinctive in the increasingly competitive cannabis marketplace. 

While even small companies can benefit from working with a branding agency, most business owners and entrepreneurs should know some basics about how to build their brand. Here are five cannabis branding tips every cannabis business should follow to increase sales and strengthen their relationships with their clientele.

1. Brainstorm: What Makes You Different, First, or Best?

Before creating the message you want to share with your current and future customers, brainstorm about what makes your cannabis business unique. That is, what makes you first, different, or best? Think about how you’d like to present yourself, including:

  • A mission statement that includes a vision for your work
  • Your voice, or how you want to sound when communicating with your customers
  • An image, or what your customers will visualize when they think of your brand
  • Goals for the short- and long-term future

Clearly defining these elements will make it easy to create a foundation for your work and improve any future cannabis branding ideas.

2. Know Your Ideal Customer

If you don’t know exactly who you’re looking to connect with, you’ll have a tough time doing so. Many business owners say they want “everyone” as their customer, but that’s just not true. Refine your target audience based on:

  • Geography
  • Values
  • Occupation or education levels
  • Pain points
  • Lifestyle

Once you clearly understand your ideal customer, you can make your brand more meaningful and relevant to them.

3. Research and Use Data To Measure Results

You won’t know if your efforts are working if you don’t measure them. Collect data to track your goals; if your branding work isn’t getting the results you seek, you’ll be able to change course. Make SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

4. Be Consistent Across Platforms

Your customers should feel they know what to expect from your brand no matter where they interact with you. Whether it’s on different social media platforms, your website, product packaging, or advertisements, everything you produce should be consistent. This is true not only for your visual brand but also for your communications and tone of voice.

5. Go Beyond: Consider a Lifestyle Brand

Think back to your target audience. What are their hobbies? How do they spend their free time? Be creative in how you integrate your business into their everyday life beyond what you offer them in cannabis-related sales. With the right direction, well-crafted brands have the opportunity to expand into lifestyle companies. You could sell hats, skateboards, bags, pipes, and whatever else makes sense for customers who love what you and your brand represent.

Bonus Tip: Work With a Branding Agency

Whether you’re a new startup or a well-established cannabis business, it’s always possible to evolve your brand. The most efficient and effective way to do this is to work with a branding agency with experience in the cannabis industry. HIGHOPES offers a proven process that works to establish brands and grow businesses. Learn more by scheduling a chat through the HIGHOPES website today.

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