6 Christmas & Holiday Promotion Ideas for Weed Businesses

6 Christmas & Holiday Promotion Ideas for Weed Businesses

‘Tis the season for promotions! The holidays are fast approaching, and shoppers are gearing up to find the perfect gifts for family members and friends. Promotional offers and sales can help you stand out in an even more crowded landscape, making it easier to attract customers to your cannabis business and encourage them to purchase products for the weed enthusiasts in their lives. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few Christmas and holiday promotion ideas to help you out. 

1. Leverage Flash Sales

With holiday shoppers on the hunt for the best deals, flash sales can be powerful motivators. Their limited-time nature can entice bargain-seeking and budget-conscious customers to buy now before the deals end. 

Consider a theme to keep your holiday promotion ideas in the festive spirit (such as the 12 days of Christmas), and be sure to promote your daily deals on your website and include them in your holiday marketing campaigns

2. Curate Gift Guides for Easy Shopping 

Some customers may not know what to gift the cannabis lovers in their lives. Others may be on the hunt for something different or unique. Become their go-to source with gift guides. 

Organizing gift suggestions of top items (and stocking stuffers) for different types of consumers can help unsure shoppers find the perfect gifts. Make these lists easy to access on your website and in your store. You can also make them part of your email marketing strategy.

3. Display Gift Bundles on Store Shelves

Take things a step further and build gift bundles — and stocking stuffer bundles — on store shelves. Tailoring these visual displays to different types of users (the naturalist, the edibles connoisseur, the creative, etc.) can inspire in-store shoppers to buy now.  

4. Introduce Custom Holiday-Themed Products

Does your shop sell branded merch like lighters, rolling papers, and other accessories? Get in the spirit of the season and offer these products in holiday-themed designs. Display them near the checkout to encourage impulse purchases. Alternatively, you can include them for free with purchases over a set amount. They’re fun, festive, and practical. And they’ll keep your brand top of mind. 

5. Partner With Local Organizations

The holidays are a time of giving. Partner with a local charity organization and encourage your customers to get involved. Holiday promotion ideas include offering a discount or rewards points to those who donate items or money toward the cause you’re supporting. 

Giving back to your community shows customers you care, which can boost your brand image and increase loyalty. It can also help combat the stigma surrounding cannabis.   

6. Extend Your Store Hours and Bring in Additional Staff

Some people avoid shopping in-store because, let’s face it, things can get a little crowded and crazy. Others might want to take advantage of great holiday deals, but they don’t have time to shop during your regular operating hours. 

Extending your store hours, even a couple of days a week, can ease congestion and attract more customers to visit during this busy time of year. You may also want to hire seasonal staff to ensure optimal in-store experiences despite busier-than-usual days. 

Build Your Holiday Marketing Strategy With Highopes

The right Christmas promotion ideas and holiday deals can help your weed business stand out from competitors and encourage more sales during the busy winter season. Highopes can help you build a solid holiday marketing strategy, enabling you to get the best results possible. Ready to get started? Let’s chat. Contact Highopes today to discover just what we can do for you.   

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