Marijuana Product Aesthetics: Why Great Packaging Design Matters

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Marijuana packaging serves a practical purpose, right? From transportation to storage, it’s the packaging that preserves the quality and potency of the cannabis. 

But the importance of product design goes so much further than that. Great packaging design strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. It can protect a product while also sending a powerful message about your brand. 

Let’s explore everything you need to know about the importance of package design for dispensary marketing.

Why Does Packaging Matter for Cannabis Marketing? 

The days of sending cannabis products home in a brown paper bag are over. Now, customers expect a lot more from their dispensary products. 

Product packaging is an essential part of the shopping experience. An attractive and eye-catching design can have a powerful impact. In fact, 72% of consumers say the package design influenced their decision to make a purchase. 

The importance of packaging design isn’t just about compelling customers to make a purchase. It’s also a way to represent your brand and set yourself apart in the crowded cannabis market. 

Packaging is often one of the first branding elements people see when they shop at your dispensary, so it’s important to make that first impression count. After all, it takes less than a second for someone to form an impression of your brand. 

Having a strong, unique design with its own font, colors, illustrations, and packaging features will help you stand out to customers — on the shelf or in an online shop. Over time, great packaging design can also create stronger brand awareness. The more people see your product design, the more likely they are to recognize your brand. 

Tips for Marijuana Product Designs 

From color palettes to font spacing, a lot goes into each design. It isn’t easy to make something that feels like it reflects your brand and appeals to your ideal customer. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips to help you create a vision for your packaging design. 

Embrace Minimalism 

The minimalist look can give your brand a stylish but modern appeal. Whether you’re a health-focused or luxury-minded brand, it’s hard to go wrong with a clean, simple design. 

Highlight Sustainability 

Beyond recyclable packaging and ethical farming practices, you can reflect eco-friendly values in your design too. Use keywords like “natural” or “sustainable” in a way that grabs the eye right away. 

Steer Clear of Cliches

While the seven-pointed green hemp leaf is recognizable, it’s also become a cliche. Online or in the dispensary, your customers know they’re buying cannabis — they don’t need the reminder. Branching out into other colors and images will help you forge a brand identity that stands out on the shelf. 

Consider Color Psychology 

There’s one simple psychological trick you can use to convey your brand identity: color. The right colors will send a message to potential customers. For example, white is a great way to signal to consumers that your products are health-focused or medicinal. Red is a powerful, eye-catching color that can capture attention and even inspire passion

Taking Your Marijuana Product Design to the Next Level 

When you’re facing serious competition in an oversaturated cannabis market, it takes more than just great products to succeed. With the right design choices, your cannabis packaging can be one of your greatest marketing assets. At HIGHOPES, we know that your brand identity is the core of your business. That’s why our branding agency specializes in stunning visuals that convey the look and feel of your cannabis brand, from the logo to the packaging design. Get started today with your packaging transformation.

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