Does Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for THC Brands?

Word of Mouth for Cannabis Marketing

When most consumers need something, they typically turn to the internet first. The same goes for cannabis consumers. For this reason, digital marketing strategies have become the go-to solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. Search engine optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click ads, and other tactics help THC brands reach and attract more customers. Algorithms allow you to target your audience more accurately and personalize messages. 

Despite digital marketing strategies becoming integral to a brand’s success, traditional marketing methods still hold value. Arguably one of the most effective is word-of-mouth marketing.

Does Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work in a Digital Age?

Word-of-mouth marketing is a form of marketing in which your customers spread the word about your brand. They’ve had such a positive experience with your business that they recommend you to others. 

Sometimes, the recommendation occurs during an in-person conversation. A satisfied customer mentions your brand when someone they know says they’re looking for the types of products you sell. Other times, customers might rave about your products or an experience with your brand on their social media pages. Reviews are another popular form of word-of-mouth marketing.

What Are the Benefits?

A top benefit of word-of-mouth marketing is its effectiveness:

Other benefits of word-of-mouth marketing include:

  • It’s free
  • It’s low-effort
  • It creates stronger social proof
  • It builds trust and brand loyalty
  • It helps you reach more prospective customers
  • It brings in more customers

Tips for Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Are you ready to get your customers talking? The following tips can help you get the most out of word-of-mouth marketing: 

Have Great Products and an Amazing Customer Experience

Give your customers something worth talking about. Along with only the highest quality products, go out of your way to create epic, memorable experiences. Make exceptional customer experience a top priority. Consider your cannabis packaging design. When you get your customers excited about your brand, they’re much more likely to want to share their experiences. 

Go Above and Beyond for Customers

Don’t just meet customer expectations — exceed them. Talk to your customers to learn more about them and what they want. Offer personalized recommendations based on their needs/goals or purchase history. Send a thank-you for their orders. Make it easy for them to contact you if they have questions, and be quick to respond. Maintain a blog featuring informative, relevant content and turn yourself into an invaluable resource.  

Get Active on Social Media

Social media allows businesses of all kinds — including THC brands — to connect with their target audiences. It’s also an ideal space to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. One way to do this is through user-generated content, where you ask your followers to post photos or videos using a unique hashtag. With it, your followers spread the word about your business, and you get additional content to feature on your social media pages or website. 

Focus on What Sets You Apart

What’s your unique value proposition (UVP)? What is it that sets you apart from other THC brands? Whether you have a one-of-a-kind product, a particular stance (such as prioritizing eco-friendliness), or specialize in creative or quirky marketing ideas, focus on the thing that makes your brand you.  

Reward Customers for Referrals

Incentivizing your customers can be an effective way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. With a referral rewards program, you give your customers a discount on their purchases for each new customer they bring you. You might also give them a unique code to share, which will give their friends or family members a first-time customer discount. 

Get Involved In Your Community

In general, consumers prefer brands that give back. Start a food drive to help a local food kitchen. Volunteer with an animal shelter. Get involved with or organize a community clean-up event. Let your customers pick a charity. No matter what cause you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand values. 

Make Word-of-Mouth a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

While digital marketing strategies have become the norm, word-of-mouth still has substantial power. It’s a fairly simple tactic. But when you give your customers something to talk about, you may find they’re more than happy to spread the word. 

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