Cannabis Brand Packaging Best Practices

Cannabis Packaging & Branding Tips

Just like for businesses in any industry, marketing and design are vital for cannabis brands. Creating a brand that speaks to your target audience — and conveys who you are as a company — and solid marketing strategies help you stand out from your competition. Your brand packaging design plays a significant role.

What is packaging design? In essence, it’s the creation of the containers that hold and identify your products. It involves not only the graphic elements but also the shape, size, and materials of the physical container itself. Here, we have some cannabis package design best practices and tips to help you get started. 

Keep Things Clear and Simple 

When prospective customers pick up your products, they should be able to determine what they’re for and a bit about the brand behind them. While there’s nothing wrong with a little mystery sometimes, clarity is critical. If people can’t tell what’s inside the package, how to use it, or glean anything about you, they aren’t likely to trust — or purchase — the product. 

Consider Your Target Audience

Ultimately, your customers are the ones buying and using your products. While your packaging should convey your brand, it should also appeal to them. If you haven’t already, create an ideal customer profile. That information can guide some of your decisions. You could also ask your target audience about their preferences directly, such as through polls on social media.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

More and more consumers are becoming aware of their effect on the environment. They’re making conscious decisions to shrink their carbon footprints. Their choices even go so far as to affect which brands they support. 

As a whole, the cannabis industry isn’t exactly sustainable. However, many people in the industry are working to change that. You can do the same by choosing eco-friendly packaging, such as bio-degradable or recycled materials. You can also minimize the amount of packaging you use — without compromising safety, product security, or compliance. Some brands also use “green” colors, images, and wording to drive home their sustainability efforts. 

Research Your Competitors

Take a look at the cannabis packaging design of your competitors. Their styles, material choices, and other design choices can help inform your own. They’ll help you determine what you can do better and how you can stand out.  

Maintain Consistency

If you sell a variety of products, the packaging design for each one should look related. For instance, you might use different colors for Sativa and Indica strains or package types (boxes versus bags) for tinctures and gummies. Despite these variations, the pattern or graphic design should be the same. That consistency allows for easy brand recognition.

Ensure Compliance

The cannabis industry faces numerous regulations and restrictions. Many rules apply directly to brand packaging design. For example, containers must be child-proof and should not appeal to children. States also have different policies regarding marketing and what you have to include on your packaging. You’ll want to stay on top of these laws to maintain compliance. 

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Your cannabis brand packaging design is among the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. HIGHOPES will work with you throughout the packaging design process, from conceptualization to implementation, to ensure you get it right. Contact us to get started today!

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