7 Marijuana Logo Redesign Tips Worth Knowing

7 Marijuana Logo Redesign Tips Worth Knowing

Your marijuana logo is a visual representation of your brand. A great logo communicates who your company is and what it stands for. It assists with brand recall and helps your audience connect with your brand. 

Sometimes, however, a logo can lose its effectiveness. It may no longer resonate with the target audience or reflect the brand accurately. If your logo isn’t quite up to snuff anymore, it may be time for a logo redesign.

What Is a Logo Redesign?

A logo redesign is an overhaul of your existing logo. The process involves changing various components of your logo, including its color scheme, messaging, and other visual elements. It’s a more dramatic change than a logo refresh, which involves making minor changes to what’s already present in your logo.

Signs It’s Time for a Marijuana Logo Redesign

Here are a few signs it may be time to overhaul your current marijuana logo:

  • Your business has grown or changed. Has your cannabis company added a new line of products? Have you decided to go in a different direction? Maybe your brand values have shifted, and your logo no longer matches. 
  • You’re targeting a new audience. Perhaps your initial target audience has shifted, or you want to tap into a newer market. A well-executed redesign can help you maintain your connection with your current customers while attracting new ones. 
  • Your competitors have changed. Have your competitors changed? Do you have new competition vying for your target audience? Or you might have noticed that your logo looks a little too similar to others out there, and you want to stand out from everyone else. 
  • Your logo looks outdated. Not all logos age well. Additionally, technological advancements could mean an older logo doesn’t look that great on modern devices. 

7 Weed Logo Redesign Tips to Know

Ready to redesign the logo for your cannabis brand? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get started:

1. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Your logo should represent your brand. It should also resonate with prospective customers. Before you start the redesign process, take some time to research your target audience again. If necessary, update your customer personas to reflect new findings too. 

2. Consider New Trends (But Avoid Fads)

Keep modern design trends in mind, but avoid jumping on the latest fads. Fads come and go quickly. You’re going to put a lot of work into your new logo, and you want it to last. 

3. Define Your Brand Aesthetic, Goals, and Values

What’s the look and feel of your cannabis brand? Consider your brand identity, goals, and values. Explore color palettes, fonts, shapes, and movement. You may find creating a mood board to be helpful with this process. 

4. Consider Customer Attachment to Your Current Logo

Will the changes you make to your logo be significant or subtle? Too many drastic changes could confuse or even alienate your existing customers. Think about their attachment to your current logo. Consider sharing your redesign plans with them and asking for their feedback.

5. Have Multiple Variations for the New Look

Think about all of the places your new logo will appear. You’ll likely display it on your website, your social media pages, printed marketing materials, cannabis product packaging, and merchandise. Have multiple variations to make sure your logo looks great everywhere.  

6. Don’t Copy Others

While you can (and should) check out your competitors’ logos, don’t copy them. Stick to your brand identity and aesthetic, and create something that stands out from everyone else. 

7. Hire a Pro Team

Your logo is an essential component of your brand. Explore professional cannabis brand identity consulting services with a company like Highopes can help nail your redesign. That way, you can ensure your new logo accurately represents who you are while maintaining your connection with your existing audience and attracting new customers to your brand. 

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