Compassion for
the Missouri
Medical Community

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Identity Design
As Missouri began the process of legalizing medical marijuana use, Pubik Goods was looking to secure a license and open a chain of medical dispensaries. Driven to provide compassion and inspire wellness within their doors and in their communities. However, they needed to craft a brand that successfully reflected their strong beliefs, deep-rooted values, and progressive vision.
Our team began by establishing a strong strategic foundation through a combination of data analysis and internal experience. This strategy directly influenced the targeted approach we then took with the brand naming and full identity design. In the end, Publik Goods received focused strategy and a visual system that maximized their potential to become an industry leader in the Missouri market.
The name, Publik Goods, is derived from the belief that everyone should be free and able to incorporate the medicinal benefits of cannabis into their lifestyle. This benefit of well-being for the many people is often referred to as the "public good".  However, a slight tweak to "goods" better represented the type of service the business offered.

The logomark is symbolic of the communities Publik Goods serves and the holistic products they sell by combining an overarching circle with an abstract leaf. We also used this brand logo to create supplementary badges to expand Publik Goods' visual arsenal.
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