Building A Luxury
Cannabis Brand
From A to Z

  • Brand Strategy, Naming & Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing
Prime Care was looking to enter the cannabis market in California with their first of many brands being a vaporizer product line. They had a vision, proprietary hardware, and top-quality cannabis oil but needed assistance crafting the brand around it all. Their goal was to build a brand that could enter the market and immediately compete with the industry-leaders through strong positioning, branding, and marketing.

Our team at HIGHOPES worked with Prime Care from day one to official launch in crafting the Nuvata brand. We strategized a foundation, created a brand identity, designed the packaging, developed a website, kick started their marketing, and helped give Nuvata all the tools the brand needed to succeed.  
When it came to crafting the brand identity we started with the naming process which resulted in a solution that was individual, conceptual, and verbally communicated the holistic vision for the brand. The Nuvata logo was designed to represent the luxurious quality of the product, promote overall wellness, and serve as a tool for consumers to gauge their experience. It is a colorful, fun, and premium logo that perfectly captured the client’s vision.  
No detail was spared during the design of Nuvata’s premium vaporizer packaging. The packaging design reflects the quality of the product inside and provides an elevated experience. Color was utilized to communicate multiple levels of information in the simpliest way to consumers and attract eyes from across the room.

Each product in the vaporizer line has a different effect and flavor that is communicated through a combination of a proprietary scale system, iconography, and color. Included on each different product packaging is also a terpene graph that provides consumers with a detailed rundown on the expected experience for maximum user satisfaction.
Nuvata’s website is a centralized location where consumers can learn all about the brand, products, and vaporizer technology while having a memorable digital experience. We focused on visually highlighting the luxurious quality of Nuvata through white space, animations, and a balance of color. Information is displayed in an efficient, digestible, and attractive fashion across the site for maximum UX. Additionally, UI best practices were introduced to focus on sales conversion and drawing customers to their nearest Nuvata retailer.
For their launch into the California market, Nuvata's team needed to be equipped with the tools to succeed in both dispensary and consumer audiences. Each target requiring information on the Nuvata brand catered to their interest. The B2B sales collateral highlighted wholesale pricing, suggested retail price, and identifying features of the brand's target demographic. Whereas the B2C collateral focused on showcasing more emotional aspects of Nuvata like the story, mission, and product descriptions.
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