A CBD-Infused
Beverage For
Celebrating Life

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
Jivati is a lifestyle brand focused on inspiring every person to enjoy a happy life every day. The first product they are launching under the Jivati brand are beverages infused with CBD, terpenes, and natural flavors. The products are THC-free and will include a variety of flavors and different CBD/terpene fusions.

Jivati's founder came to HIGHOPES with a name which we crafted a strong brand strategy and identity design around. Our team helped strategize Jivati's entrance into the market and created branded messaging for support. Additionally, we used the platform of the strategy to design a brand identity that was fresh, inspiring, and universal. Because it's about time we all started living up life.
Inspired by the modern philosophy of fluid identity design, we created a system of logos for Jivati rather than a single direction. The purpose is to create a system that would allow all people to identify with the brand. Instead of a single color scheme in the brand's identity, we designed a system that could allow for limitless variations. 
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