Cannabis Private
Labeling & Distribution

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
HybridLA is a team of experienced growers, processors, and technologists who take the artisanal, “farm-to-table” methodologies of small-batch producers and apply them to serve larger markets. Created out of a desire to preserve cannabis culture in this new era of commercialization and consumerism, they aren't your average, off-the-shelf wholesaler. Hybrid LA provides the best private label products and selectively partner with those who have a vision, passion, and devotion to the craft and culture of cannabis.

We worked alongside the HybridLA team to solidify their B2B market positioning and craft critical key messaging which provided a focused, cohesive strategic foundation. From there, HIGHOPES used the strategy we developed to influence and direct the design of HybridLA's full brand identity. Logo, colors, fonts, and secondary elements were all meticulously created to align with HybridLA's positioning, services, and core values.
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