have a heart

Creating A
Digital Platform For
Nationwide Growth

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO Marketing by Foottraffik
the project background

A Website Built to Scale and Succeed

Have A Heart is the premier cannabis retailer in Washington with six stores in the state and medical shops located in Iowa and Hawaii as well. As their success grew as did their vision for continued expansion, specifically on the California recreational cannabis market. Have A Heart set the course to open five stores in California but required a website revamp, both aesthetically and functionally, to accompany the first store open in the Golden State.

The HIGHOPES team as well as our strategic partner, Foottraffik, partnered with Have A Heart to enhance their website design and optimize the site to maximize all store traffic.

Modular Blocks
& CRM Capture

A modular block system was developed to be re-purposed throughout the site and intentionally make it easier for Have A Heart to update internally. Additionally, email captures were placed in strategic areas and search based map functionality was developed to increase conversions for user email sign up to be used for future marketing opportunities.

Catering to the Mobile User

With a majority of dispensary customers accessing websites and placing orders via their smartphones, Have A Heart’s site was expertly fine-tuned for a mobile experience. Both design and functionality were catered to mobile use without negatively affecting user experience or conversion rates. The ordering process was simplified and streamlined to maximize sales.
the result

Traffic Increases Across the Board

Have A Heart’s website redesign saw nearly immediate success with many percentage increases from the previous quarter. New users to the site increased by 157%, total sessions increased by 80%, organic sessions increased by 63%, page views increased by 74%, and store menu sessions increased by 49%.