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GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Marijuana Jar Design

Welcoming in the new era of high-end, exotic cannabis flower.

Leveraging meticulously selected genetics and a state-of-the-art indoor facility, GoodGood was preparing to enter their market with the plan of becoming an industry leader. We gave their brand an identity that connected with connoisseurs, communicated their product’s quality, and stood out on the shelf.

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The Challenge

GoodGood was going to be entering the highly competitive California market; specifically the flower sector.

Among their competition were some of the most recognized and reputable brands in the cannabis industry nationwide.

Our Solution

After analyzing the competitive landscape for opportunities, we crafted a unique, authentic, and disruptive identity that captured their core audience’s attention. 

We then expanded the identity into eye-catching packaging and an informational brand site.


The Results

The brand foundation we crafted for GoodGood ensured they stayed consistent and cohesive as they entered the California market. 

With their distinct visuals, they have been able to generate rapid notoriety and hype which has also assisted in securing shelf space.

GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Sticker
Identity Design

After determining a name that communicated their product quality and connected with cannabis culture, we designed a typography-first logo that was supported by parodying a pop culture icon, the smiley face. 

GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Tote Bag
GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Logo T-Shirt
GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Hoodies & Beanies
GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Advertising on Wall
GoodGood's Cannabis Packaging Design for Pre-Roll
Packaging Design

Inspired by the taxi cabs of the founder’s hometown, NYC, the brand’s color scheme and simple, straightforward packaging design empowered GoodGood to stand out amongst the competition on dispensary shelves.

GoodGood Cannabis Packaging Design - Eight Jar
GoodGood Cannabis Packaging Design - Pre-Roll Pack
GoodGood Cannabis Packaging Design - Pre-Roll Packs and Jars
GoodGood Cannabis Packaging Design - Pre-Roll Packs, Jars, and Mylar Bags
UX/UI Design & Development

As GoodGood prepared for their launch into the market, we built a simple, yet scalable, brand site that educated visitors on their story, mission, products, and where to buy once available in California dispensaries.

GoodGood Cannabis Website Design - Mobile
GoodGood Cannabis Website Design - Home Page Full
GoodGood Cannabis Website Design - Top of Homepage
In-Store Collateral

To assist their entry into the market and efforts securing shelf space, we designed several pieces of sales and marketing collateral that featured critical brand content for customers, budtenders, and dispensary buyers.

GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Brochure
GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Sales Sheet
GoodGood Cannabis Branding - Booklet
Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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