acclivity cannabis

& Enjoyable Education
for a Terpene Pioneer

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Design
the project background

An Awareness Instagram
Marketing Campaign

A core value of the Acclivity Cannabis brand is consumer education, which they identified was lacking in the industry overall. More specifically, consumer understanding of terpenes and their direct relationship to the consumer's experience. Acclivity wanted to utilize the Instagram platform to reach their audience with a campaign highlighting the terpenes associated with their cannabis strains and detailed, yet digestible, terpene information.

Three individual post groupings were designed within the full social media campaign. Each featuring educational information,through copy and graphics, on the terpenes featured in their three featured strains. 

Creating Quality Content

The Terp Report campaign is an example of the creating quality social media content for users to consume and enjoy. The goal was to create a campaign for Acclivity that would not only position them as a terpene pioneer and leader but encourage user engagement and increase Acclivity’s follower count.