acclivity cannabis

Yet Cost Effective,
Custom Packaging for
a California Grower

  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Production
Acclivity is a cannabis producer and lifestyle brand located in Southern California that is inspired by the adventures of the West Coast. Looking to prepare for the rise of the recreational market in California, Acclivity reached out to HIGHOPES for some help building and establishing their brand.

We worked with Acclivity to concept, source, design and produce a packaging system that successfully promoted their core values and characteristics. Acclivity is a brand for those with an adventurous spirit who are always looking to go higher. Whether that involves running, hiking, kayaking or climbing, Acclivity's product is sure to keep you on the rise.
All cannabis growers know that mylar bags are the go-to standard in the industry for cheap and effective packaging which resulted in a dilution of mylar bags in the market. In order to differentiate Acclivity on the shelf and offer more real estate for branding, we introduced a low-cost pillow box into their packaging that would hold the mylar bag inside.

Terpenes are a relatively new facet of the cannabis industry and at the core of the Acclivity brand. The packaging was designed to provide the consumer with understandable and enjoyable education on the terpenes present in the product they purchased as well as establish Acclivity as a leader in the terpene movement.
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