The Top 5 Dispensary Marketing Strategies to Try In 2023

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As the cannabis industry continues to expand, it’s becoming increasingly important for dispensaries to stay ahead of the competition. With new technology and trends emerging every day, it can be difficult to keep up with the best strategies for marketing your dispensary.

To help you get ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled the top 5 dispensary marketing strategies to try in 2023. From voice-based SEO to virtual reality (VR), these new marketing strategies for 2023 will help you get the most out of your marketing budget and stand out from the competition. 

Short-Form Content

In today’s world of technology, consumers are constantly bombarded with content and vying for their attention. This makes it essential for dispensaries to make use of snappy short-form content to help them stand out from the competition. Snappy short-form content includes videos, GIFs, and infographics that are specifically designed to engage customers quickly and effectively. 

Customer Experience (CX) Marketing

With the range of products available, customers need to feel comfortable and informed when making their purchases. That’s why CX marketing should be a key focus in your dispensary’s marketing efforts. The goal of CX marketing is to make customers feel that their needs are understood and catered to. You can achieve this by providing personalized experiences, such as tailored content and recommendations based on past purchases.

Highlight Your Brand’s Purpose

In this day and age, customers are more discerning and have a greater need for connection. With the rise of conscious consumerism, it’s essential that brands make an effort to connect with their customers in a meaningful way. One of the most effective ways to do this is through marketing that highlights your brand’s purpose, vision, and values. Brand marketing should focus on storytelling, creating content that resonates with customers and educates them on the brand’s mission.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two of the newest, most cutting-edge ways to engage customers in your dispensary marketing strategies. VR immerses customers into a virtual environment where they can explore different products and services in a unique and interactive way. AR, on the other hand, adds digital content to an existing physical environment. With these tools, you can create highly immersive experiences for customers and give them the opportunity to interact with your brand in a completely new way.

Continued Emphasis on Privacy

As cannabis laws continue to evolve, so does the need for dispensaries to ensure that their customers’ data and personal information are kept secure and private. With tighter regulations and more regulations that require companies to protect customer data, it’s essential that dispensaries take a proactive approach when it comes to privacy. This policy should cover what data is collected, how it’s stored, who can access it, how it’s used, and how it’s secured. 

Final Thoughts

The future of dispensary marketing is full of innovative possibilities that go beyond traditional advertising and branding. Whether you’re a dispensary owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, implementing these dispensary marketing strategies can help you stay ahead of the competition and keep your business profitable. With HIGHOPES, you can develop a solid marketing strategy that leverages all the modern tactics we discussed above. With our help, you can attract more customers, generate more revenue, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to dispensary marketing.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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