How to Create A Dispensary Rewards Program for Your Customers

Cannabis Loyalty Programs for Dispensaries

Loyal customers are one of a dispensary’s greatest assets. These are the people who love your brand. Whenever they need something, they come to you. They recommend you to their friends and family. And while new customers are essential for growing your business, retaining existing ones costs a lot less

Your loyal customers do a lot for your dispensary. A loyalty or rewards program is an excellent way to thank them for their repeat business. Well-planned and well-executed, it’s also a great way to increase retention rates, boost revenue, stand out from your competition, and bring in new customers. 

7 Tips to Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Want to learn how to create a rewards program that yields results? The following tips can help:

1. Determine Your Goals and Purpose

Increased revenue is a common goal for dispensary rewards programs. You may aim to encourage more frequent in-store visits or increase basket sizes. Other goals might include growing brand awareness, personalizing marketing efforts more effectively, or boosting engagement. 

2. Assess Loyalty Program Format Options

There are a few types of loyalty programs you can implement:

  • Points-based programs: Customers earn so many points per dollar spent, and those points accumulate over time. They can then redeem those points for specific rewards.
  • Visit-based programs: Customers earn a stamp or punch every time shop with you, regardless of how much they spend. They become eligible for a reward once they reach a set number of visits. 
  • Referral rewards: Your customers earn rewards for each new customer they send your way. 

3. Brainstorm Customer Incentives and Rewards

Think about your current customers. What rewards or incentives would entice them to sign up for and take advantage of your loyalty program? What might they find most useful or irresistible? Some ideas include:

  • Discounts
  • Cannabis accessories
  • Branded merch
  • A pre-roll
  • An eighth of a customer’s favorite strain

Be sure to keep your state and local laws in mind to ensure you’re staying compliant. If you aren’t sure what to offer, ask your current customers or host a poll on your social media pages

4. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

Who will be responsible for managing and running your loyalty program? For instance, you might put assign your marketing team to design and launch the program. Your budtenders might be in charge of pitching it in-store, assisting customers with signing up, and getting feedback. 

5. Set up the Program

Work out the details of your dispensary rewards program. How will your customers sign up for it? What will the rewards member journey look like? How will manage members who become inactive? 

Find ways to automate what you can. For example, you can set triggers to send rewards via email or text during specific times, such as:

  • The beginning of a customer’s birth month
  • The anniversary of when the customer first signed up
  • When the customer reaches a particular reward status 
  • After a customer is inactive for a set period

When you create a dispensary rewards program, make it easy to sign up. Customers shouldn’t have to provide tons of details or go through numerous steps. Consider getting basic information to start (name, email address, phone number, and birthdate). If you’d like more details, give them the ability to complete an online profile after they enroll. 

6. Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program

Offer your rewards program to your current customers for early adoption. Announce it on your website, email newsletter, and social media pages. Include details in existing communications, such as thank-you or welcome messages. Place a sign on your dispensary counter near the register. You could also train your employees to ask customers if they’re members during checkout. 

7. Monitor Your Progress 

Track the progress of your loyalty program and compare the data with your goals to ensure you’re on track and make adjustments as necessary. Be on the lookout for ways to keep making it better. Feedback from your rewards program members can be especially beneficial for ensuring it meets customer needs and yields optimal results for your dispensary. 

Create a Stellar Dispensary Rewards Program

A dispensary rewards program is a great way to thank your loyal customers for their continued patronage. At the same time, you stand to benefit significantly too. In short, it’s a win-win for your dispensary and your customers. 

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