Dispensary Tips: How to Optimize for Mobile

Dispensary Tips: How to Optimize for Mobile

Is your dispensary’s website optimized for mobile? If not, it might be time for an upgrade, even if you’ve developed your own mobile app. A study by Think with Google found that50% of smartphone users will shop on a brand’s website because they don’t want to download the app.

That means that your site will have to be ready for when a potential couch-locked customer comes across your site and is too stoned to download your app. We live in an age where you must have amobile first strategy to keep all visitors engaged on your site.

That means you’ll have to prioritize the handheld experience over all other types of devices. This article will show you how to optimize for mobile devices so that your website looks beautiful everywhere.

Dispensary Tips: How to Optimize for Mobile

Mobile Optimization: Same Content, Different Design

It’s essential that you keep the content on your mobile and desktop versions the same. However, the design must be flexible. You might have to strip your website down to its essential elements so that you have easily readable text and clickable links.

Try to think of your desktop version of your website as a mirror of your mobile version. This might even require you to start from scratch and create a brand new website for mobile, then model your desktop version after that.

Taking a Top-Down Approach

Your dispensary’s homepage should read like a newspaper.  The most important news and deals should be at the top, followed by a brief preview of the menu and then other relevant information. 

This is called taking a top-down approach. If you imagine a user scrolling down your website, you want them to see the most critical information, followed by the next of importance, and so on.

You don’t have as much space to fit things on the left and right sides of the screen as you do on the desktop, so put essential items at the top where visitors can readily see them.

Mastering Responsive Design Techniques

As a dispensary, your website is likely to be highly visual. The more visuals there are, the slower your site will load. That’s why ensuring your site utilizes responsive design techniques to achieve a faster speed is essential.

Responsive design uses CSS and JavaScript to load the same website differently based on the device accessing it. Your website doesn’t have to load all at once when a visitor lands on your site. Only certain elements need to load when they see it. These techniques will allow you to create a smooth user experience on any device.

Customizing WordPress for Mobile

If you power your dispensary’s website using WordPress, all of the above may become less of a nightmare. This is because WordPress knows theimportance of mobile optimization and comes with a suite of plugins that can do everything for you.

You can use many one-click options to make your website mobile-friendly without bothering with any code. You can also preview your site’s look on handheld devices from the WordPress platform.

Testing Across Multiple Devices

Though many web design platforms allow you to preview how your site will look on smartphones, you’ll still want to double-check to make sure. Ask a friend or associate to check your website on their phone or tablet and get feedback.

See for yourself and make sure everything is symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing, and fast. Page load speed is a huge factor in how search engines rank your website, so try to get as much data as possible to optimize and reoptimize for the best performance.

Hire a Professional to Optimize Your Dispensary’s Website

If trying to learn how to optimize your site for mobile on your own is too complicated, don’t worry. You can hire a professional that specializes in mobile optimization for dispensaries. 

Highopes will not only make your website mobile-friendly, but we can completely overhaul your entire site so that it drives more visits, more engagement, and more sales.Contact us today to learn how we can transform your dispensary’s website.

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