Dispensary Marketing Help: 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Dispensary Marketing Staff

The most incredible cannabis brand is useless in this competitive industry if no one has heard of it. But many marketing tools and advertising tactics aren’t available to cannabis companies. Cannabis marketers must get creative to make sure they do their best work for you. 

Getting dispensary marketing help can feel overwhelming. Start with these five questions to ask a marketing agency before you even consider hiring them. 

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Cannabis Company

Are you familiar with marketing in the cannabis industry?

Ideally, an agency will specialize in cannabis marketing, or at least have experience inside and outside the industry. As cannabis is so new, any agency working in this space for more than five years is a veteran. 

Why’s it so important to work with proven cannabis marketers? Having experience with the nuances of cannabis marketing means knowing which strategies to try first. They can meet marketing goals quicker and more effectively. 

Do you have any case studies I can see? 

Any marketing agency with experience should be able to show you external proof of its work quality. This could come in the form of: 

  • Detailed case studies with clear results
  • Public testimonials, from past and present
  • A list of current clients
  • Well-respected industry experts who vouch for the agency

Testimonials take time and experience to build — they’re difficult to fake. If an agency has been around for a while but can’t show you any solid social proof, it’s best avoided. 

What’s your process like, and what involvement will I have?

How many accounts does each account manager have? Who does the agency think should have creative control? Will it expect to reassess or completely overhaul your existing marketing strategy (if you have one)? 

You’ll know how you prefer to work with those you outsource to. Establish which approach this agency is going to take before starting work to avoid disagreements and disappointment later on. 

What results and performance reports can I expect? 

Some marketing tactics take longer than others. For example, if you want to improve your cannabis company’s SEO, you may not see tangible results for up to a year. Either way, both you and your marketing agency need to effectively manage expectations now. 

What metrics and KPIs will this agency use to track progress for you? How often will you receive updates? A good marketing agency should clearly communicate how it’ll demonstrate ROI against your specific marketing goals. 

What are the main marketing channels you use? 

A cannabis marketing agency should also understand the difference between each marketing channel and be able to recommend which one will meet a specific goal. Does the agency provide ongoing training to staff to stay on top of upcoming trends and tactics for a competitive advantage? 

By grilling the agency for strategic advice, you can gauge how well it has listened to your needs. You’ll also sense how committed it is to staying in the cannabis industry loop. 

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