Innovative Dispensary Loyalty Ideas

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Many businesses, dispensaries included, focus a lot of time and attention on attracting and converting new customers. While expanding your customer base is essential for growing your brand, your current customers are just as important. They may have already purchased from your shop once before, but you want them to keep coming back. Their continued patronage can help increase your revenue and allow your dispensary to thrive.

One way to encourage repeat business from existing customers is with a solid dispensary loyalty marketing plan. Loyalty marketing focuses on marketing specifically to those who have already shopped at your dispensary. It helps increase customer loyalty, ensuring that past patrons continue shopping with you rather than your competitors. 

Loyalty marketing helps you save money on your marketing efforts. Research shows it costs less to retain customers than it does to attract new ones. It’s also easier to sell products to your existing customers, which can help you save time. 

1. Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program can reward repeat customers in a few different ways:

  • Punch cards: Customers earn one punch for every purchase. After a set number (10, for instance), they get a discount on their next order. 
  • Points: Customers earn so many points per dollar they spend. They can exchange those points for discounts or other rewards, such as free merch or cannabis supplies. 
  • Tiered programs: The more they shop or spend, the higher the tier your customers unlock. Higher levels (more money spent) come with more rewards. 

2. VIP Membership Club 

A VIP membership club offers an air of exclusivity. Customers who sign up gain access to members-only deals, sales, and more. As an additional benefit to your customers, joining your VIP club doesn’t have to cost them anything. 

3. Customer Referral Program

Encourage repeat business and earn new customers simultaneously with a referral program. Give existing customers a card or code with a “first-time customer” discount that they can share with their friends. Reward them with a discount for every friend who stops by and makes a purchase at your dispensary.  

4. Birthday/Anniversary Perks

Use data to reward your existing customers throughout the year. For instance, you can email customers a special discount to use during their birthday month. You can also send them a deal to celebrate the anniversary of the month they became a shopper or joined your loyalty program. 

5. Gamify Rewards

Add an element of fun to you to your marketing efforts. For instance, have customers provide a receipt from a previous purchase for a chance to win a discount or free accessory. Other options for gamification include:

  • In-store (or online) scavenger hunts
  • Providing badges for completing specific challenges or tasks
  • Engaging customer surveys

6. User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) refers to the content your customers create and share about your dispensary online. Encourage social sharing — and keep track of UGC — by creating a hashtag they can use with their posts. You can use this content to shine a spotlight on loyal customers or run online photo contests. 

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