5 UGC Content Ideas to Try for Your Weed Business

5 UGC Content Ideas for Cannabis Brands

What is UGC content, and why does it matter?

User-generated content, or UGC for short, refers to any content a customer creates and shares about your business online. Often, it’s in the form of pictures, but UGC could also be video, text, or audio content. It essentially functions as “word-of-mouth” advertising for your cannabis brand.

No matter what form UGC takes, it can provide a few significant benefits. It builds trust — potential customers view UGC as more authentic and trustworthy than business-generated content. It can influence purchasing decisions, encouraging customers to choose you over a competitor. It’s also one of the more cost-effective marketing tactics available.

5 UGC Content Ideas for Weed Businesses

If you want to leverage UGC for your weed business, here are a few customer-created cannabis content ideas to try.

1. Ask Customers to Share Their Experiences on Social Media

Encourage your customers to share pictures and videos of their experiences with your brand. Then, you can re-share what they post on your brand’s social accounts or website. Just make sure to ask permission and credit the original posters.

2. Request Reviews

You can also ask your customers to leave reviews of your cannabis business and products for prospective customers to read. Make it easy by providing a link or QR code to your Google Business Profile, Trustpilot, or social media pages at the bottom of your receipts. Alternatively, you can email or text review requests to your customers following a recent purchase.

3. Run a Contest

Ask your customers to share a photo of their favorite product for a chance to win a prize. Ensure you follow the rules of your chosen social media platform and local cannabis compliance regulations to avoid potential issues.

4. Create an Affiliate Program

With a cannabis affiliate program, participants promote your brand in exchange for financial incentives or other rewards. In other words, you gain UGC content — and new customers — and your loyal customers get exclusive VIP perks.

5. Host an Event

Events like classes, educational workshops, and even customer appreciation days are great for driving foot traffic to your cannabis business. They also provide perfect opportunities to encourage customers to snap and share photos on social media.

How to Get UGC Content: Tips for Getting Started and Motivating Customers

The following are a few quick tips to help you get started and motivate customers to get involved.

  • Note customer trends. Paying attention to trends can provide insight into what types of content resonate with your customers and what’s most likely to encourage participation.
  • Make memorable moments. Set up a space in your shop where your customers can take photos. Include fun props and a display panel to let them get extra creative.
  • Provide a hashtag. A hashtag can help boost your visibility on social media platforms. It also allows you to keep track of conversations happening around your brand.
  • Get creative with packaging. When you have unique packaging, your customers may be more likely to want to share photographs and unboxing videos.
  • Offer enticing incentives. Discounts, special deals, and other rewards can encourage customers to post about their experiences with your brand online.

Make the Most of UGC Content

UGC content can be a powerful tool for your weed business. Get the most out of it with Highopes by your side. Our team of highly knowledgeable cannabis marketing experts can help you develop a UGC content strategy that works for you and drives results. Learn more about our services online or contact us today to get started.

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