Branding A Better Quality Of
Life For Puerto Rico

  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design and Development
Best Buds is a vertically-integrated medicinal cannabis company located in Puerto Rico. Founded by father and son duo, Best Buds is fueled by a passion to bring high-quality cannabis products at an affordable price to communities of the island in need. With a focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere in their dispensary and improving the availability of medicinal cannabis through cultivation and manufacturing.

Our team at HIGHOPES took the vision of Best Bud's and crafted a foundation for success in all their tiers of business. Beginning first with establishing a brand identity that could fluidly translate across all of their company's verticals while representing the quality of their care, value, and commitment.
Through their vertical-integration, Best Buds is able to cultivate and manufacture their own medicinal cannabis products which are carried in their dispensary as well as others on the island. Expanding on their brand identity, we established a visual direction that translated across a variety of product types which include flower, concentrates, and tinctures.

Additionally, our team designed a secondary labeling system that allows identification of varying cannabis strain names, classifications, and profiles for maximum consumer education. The system was crafted in a way that keeps production cost-effective while seamlessly integrating into the existing packaging design.
The primary source of education and guidance for Best Buds is their brand website which provides visitors with information on their dispensary and cannabis products. Our team focused on extending the brand into a digital experience while ensuring conversions like getting a medical recommendation or visiting the dispensary were as optimized as possible.  
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