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We’ve Teamed Up With Some
Of The Best In The Biz

In order to better serve our clients we’ve strategically partnered with other industry leaders to provide more satisfaction, value, and success to your business. Take a look below to learn more about the companies we are proud to call our partners. 
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digital marketing
Foottraffik is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that provides cannabis dispensary businesses with all-in-one technology and effortless marketing capabilities. We partner with Foottraffik to provide custom website design and development that complements their array of digital marketing services which include advertising, listings, reputation, social, voice, and a spectrum of marketing bundles. Together our offerings increase the number of customers to our dispensary clients' store and website like no other partnership can.
Delivery & Brand e-commerce
WebJoint is the most advanced METRC-integrated point-of-sale and inventory management platform for cannabis delivery services. Their software handles geofencing + GPS tracking, driver dispatching, manages driver vehicle inventory, and automates your cannabis taxes. Our partnership with WebJoint allows us to more efficiently and effectively serve our cannabis delivery clients looking to rise to the top of the industry.
dispensary e-commerce
Dutchie was born out of deep knowledge of consumer driven e-commerce and delivery in the traditional sphere. Since it's inception, Dutchie has garnered praise for unparalleled UX / UI and support for their dispensary clients. This is dispensary e-commerce at it's finest.
website hosting
WPEngine provides best-in-class hosting for the Wordpress based websites we design and develop. We work with WPEngine to provide custom hosting, security, and maintenance systems for our clients. Their hosting framework supports everything from simple one-page websites to complex and decoupled architectures. If you're looking for Wordpress centric, fast, and secure hosting - our partnership with WPEngine would be a tough one to beat.
Primo PR is a cannabis-focused, modern public relations agency founded on simple principles of longevity and loyalty. They understand that cannabis marketing is dynamic and their team helps brands navigate the space through long-term relationships. Led by Tara Coomans, Primo PR has a well-rounded view of public relations, marketing, and branding which they use to aid cannabis brands in focusing on the right opportunities based on their company's stage and goals.
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