Dispensary Email Marketing 101: How to Start (+ How to Grow)

Dispensary Email Marketing

Dispensary email marketing uses email to promote the products or services of your cannabis shop. It helps you build a relationship with your customers while also driving traffic to your online presence. 

Email marketing works, too— email ROI is $36 for every $1 spent. Social media platforms will come and go, but email is forever (probably). 

How to Start Email Marketing

  1. Choose an email marketing service provider. This software is the only way you can automate your communications.
  2. Make a list of contacts. Start with customers and acquaintances you already know.
  3. Upload contacts to your account with your provider. Import an existing spreadsheet or upload contacts from a Gmail or Outlook account.
  4. Create an email template. Choose within the email marketing software for a reusable template that’s eye-catching, easy to skim, and mobile-friendly.
  5. Customize your template. Place your dispensary’s logo at the top, add your signature colors, create an email footer with your contact details, then save.
  6. Create your welcome email. This includes a warm greeting, an overview of what they should expect from your emails, and an offer of something that adds value right away.
  7. Test before you send. Send each email to yourself or a staff member before it goes out to your entire list with a blunder in it.
  8. Determine the best time to send your emails. You can pick a set schedule your users can count on (like once a month) or figure out the best day and time for your business.
  9. Review your email reports. To grow your email list over time, you’ll need to analyze what’s working and what isn’t from your email marketing software insights. 

Tips For How to Grow an Email List

Get permission

You’ll usually lose potential customers if they realize they’re on an email list they never subscribed to. Only send your emails to people who explicitly signed up for them. Also, be incredibly clear about what they should expect to receive from you. 

Write persuasive messages

Each time you send an email to your customers, it should:

  • Be natural, as if you’re in the room speaking to them
  • Have an intriguing and enticing subject line
  • Outline your offering in the headline
  • Communicate how your offering will help the reader
  • Explain what they should do next with a call-to-action (CTA)

Use email sequences and segmented lists

Save time and personalize your emails by creating email sequences and segmented lists. 

Email sequences guide each subscriber through a sales funnel that hopefully ends in them making a purchase at your dispensary. Segmented lists split your contact list into smaller, targeted groups so you can meet their needs more easily. 

Ideas for Dispensary Emails

After you’ve sent your welcome email, formulate an effective combination of email types. 

  • Promotional: Explain and promote a pillar product in your store
  • New inventory: Introduce a new product to hit your dispensary shelves
  • Newsletter: Give monthly updates about staff and life at your dispensary
  • Educational: Offer relevant industry B2C knowledge, like advice about using different cannabis products
  • Survey requests: Incentivise readers to give feedback that will help improve their customer experience
  • Transactional: Confirm their online purchases or remind them about an item they added to their shopping cart

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