The Art of Dispensary Designs: Ideas, Layouts & More

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As with most other things in life, the first impression your dispensary makes on potential customers matters. One of the most pivotal factors in delivering customer satisfaction is how your cannabis dispensary is designed. With more choices, people now seem to have unlimited options for where and how they shop for cannabis products. Your company needs to create a strategy ensuring that you bring in the right customers. The population of regular cannabis customers has become notably diverse over the years, and every dispensary owner should ensure that everyone who visits feels welcome. 

Common Types of Dispensary Layouts

When choosing the type of dispensary layout, finding the best option that works well in the space you’re using, appropriately showcases your brand, and considers your plans for the business can be tricky. Here are some dispensary design concepts for both medical and recreational cannabis businesses.

The Bank Model

This model focuses on having multiple terminals on each end for conducting transactions and ultimately decreasing wait times. Customers can check in, wait in a queue for the next available budtender, and check out easily. The middle area in dispensaries utilizing this layout is typically reserved for educating patients on products.

The Pharmacy Model

One of the least common layout types, the pharmacy model, provides ultratight inventory control and is best for maintaining security because it puts strict limits on who has access to the product. Auditing and managing inventory from a single location reduces losses and simplifies the process. In terms of customer satisfaction, this model has an extremely clinical feel and does not usually provide customers with a positive experience.

The Mobile Model

This customer-focused model emphasizes creating a unique experience for anyone who walks through the door. For medical stores using this model, the patient will check in, wait, and enter the store when directed. For recreational dispensaries, customers typically show their ID at the door and then enter the store. Inside the store, budtenders will either build a cart on a tablet or fill a cart with live products. Finally, the cashier will complete the transaction and supply the products at the end of the terminal.

Inspiration and Ideas for Dispensary Designs 

Every detail of your dispensary, from the color on the walls to how everything looks put together, will make an impression on customers visiting your dispensary. To create a unique experience, you should be sure that it aligns with your vision and future business plans. Throughout the store, there is ample opportunity for you to build brand name recognition. You can ensure your employees wear something that represents your brand name or includes your logo. Consider adding your brand name to rugs, product signage, packaging, merchandise, or bags. Because this industry is and will continue to evolve rapidly, it’s essential to consider how to integrate new technology into your space. Keeping the future in mind is critical as you build your space.

Factors That Influence a Dispensary’s Design 

Setting yourself apart in a crowded industry like the cannabis business is challenging. With thousands of competing dispensaries out there, the best way to distinguish yourself is by creating an environment for customers that you would also want to be a part of. You should first consider your state requirements and what you’re responsible for regarding layout, design, and customer flow. Make sure you choose a layout you know will positively impact the customers’ shopping experience. See how you can accommodate each customer’s unique desires by considering the demographic you seek to attract while keeping local tastes and community preferences in mind.

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