Awwwards: HIGHOPES Agency Wins Honor Award

HIGHOPES Agency Awwward Honors

We’re honored (get it?) to be a winner of Awwwards “Honor” award for the design and development of our new site. As one of our team’s favorite sources of digital inspiration, we’re humbled to be listed among the work of many other great agencies.

Designing For Our Agency’s Next Adventures

Our agency’s first website was created with the intention of speed of production all the way back in 2018 when HIGHOPES was first founded; and served us in the following years to establish our business, connect with great partners, and promote our work with clients. It was a fantastic launching pad for where our agency is at today, now having worked with over 100 clients in the cannabis space.

Approaching 2022 however, we recognized an opportunity to better represent our company to the public by way of a website refresh. Technologies change, our team garners new skills, and (most importantly) we are now fortunate enough to be able to dedicate the same level of effort to ourselves that we afford to our clients. In that vein, our talented design team began the process of concepting workflows, sitemaps, and mockups – presenting them to our other team members. As much as a group effort as this website was, our designers deserve huge kudus for the hard work that manifested in this site becoming one of the best agency sites in the industry.

Looking forward, we now have the opportunity and tools to allow our team to further educate and inspire our clients while further embedding ourselves in the industry.

Displaying Great Client Work

Agency websites rely heavily on showcasing work produced with clients. In fact, the work proudly featured on our site was our absolute favorite part to see come to life. We are grateful to our partners for allowing us to discuss and display their snapshots of their project throughout our site – as well as providing wonderful reviews by which to display. This website launch would not be as successful as it was without our client’s (who we consider partners) continued participation in their projects; allowing our teams to build some of the coolest branding in cannabis.

Accessibility Is A Must In 2022

Our developers wouldn’t let us get away with not mentioning the efforts taken in the code to optimize our SEO and ADA / WCAG compliance. Going into the website redesign, we knew that we wanted to make something rock-solid that could last us for years and propel our business forward. With the help of our SEO Strategist, we were able to optimize the site further to be found online (#1 Spot for “Cannabis Branding Agency) using the same tactics we use for clients.

On a note of accessibility, our team recently integrated in a fully integrated AI solution for further ADA / WCAG compliance lest things change with regulations. This featured can be found under “Accessibility” in the footer of our site.

Looking Forward

At the end of the day, this award just represents a “kudos” for type of work we strive to deliver everyday at HIGHOPES. We’re thrilled to take our attention to other internal projects and client work moving forward – building new tools and experiences to truly uplift our partners in the cannabis industry.

On a final note, thank you Awwwards for providing us the opportunity to be featured amongst giants.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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