5 Cannabis Content Ideas for Social Media

5 Cannabis Content Ideas for Social Media

Are you ready to increase your dispensary’s social media presence? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. You’re probably tired of seeing the same generic social media content ideas floating around the internet. 

It’s time to spice things up. People want to see something new and authentic. So, in this article, we will give you five cannabis content ideas that will create a buzz with your audience.

5 Cannabis Content Ideas for Social Media

Five Cannabis Content Ideas

Cannabis marketing can get tricky on social media so you’ll need some ways to grow your business while flying under the radar. Here are five fresh ideas to ignite your content:

Customer Spotlight: Interview Series on Favorite Strains

Everyone loves talking about their favorite strain. Not only will you not have to try too hard to get some enthusiasm from your participants on camera, but those in the comment section can connect with the favorites of others.

This can be as simple as having one of your budtenders walk around the dispensary and ask customers if they’d like to participate in a quick video. Or you can even have your followers send in their own video if you have an already engaged fan base.

Cannabis Facts in Carousel Infographics

Many stoners enjoy fun facts about cannabis that they can share with their friends at the next smoke session. Gather some niche facts about cannabis and use an app such as Canva to create an infographic.

You can then post them as a carousel on Instagram that your audience can slide through and discuss in the comments. You can even go as far as dispelling (or perpetuating) myths about weed if you want to create a little chaos.

Creating a Twitter Persona for Your Dispensary

Many companies have done this successfully over the past decade or so. Brands on X (formerly Twitter) create quirky personalities to interact with their customers online.

Wendy’s, for example, posts sassy and edgy tweets that relate to their target audience. They also frequently respond to comments and retweets with the same charismatic flair.

Think about ways your target audience communicates with each other and what they think about. Attempt to embody those sentiments in a way that your customers can relate to. 

Hilarious Posts on Being High

This is a timeless classic that never fails. Stoners love to scroll the internet and come across something funny when they’re high. Even if they’re sober, funny posts about being high may inspire them to head down to your dispensary to pick up.

Think about vulnerable, silly, or random things that happen during the process of trying to get high, smoking, and events that occur while high. Make light of things such as getting stale wraps from the gas station, smoking before/at work, how your dog looks when you’re high vs. sober etc.

Cannabis Cocktails and Snacks: The Best Food Pairings

This is another one that never goes out of style. Show some outrageously delicious-looking food items and cocktails that pair great with your weed products. Food porn is a little oversaturated on social media, but when paired with weed, it’s hard to resist. 

It can also be a fun conversation starter in the comments. Try posting some controversial items that people can argue about. Then, they can fight about how much they would need to smoke in order to eat it and come to your dispensary to settle the score.

Unlimited Cannabis Content Ideas

These five ideas might get you going, but if you’re looking for a long-term content strategy, you will need an endless barrage of ideas to keep pumping out content. That’s where we come in.

Highopes can develop an entire content strategy for your social media presence. We’ll help you stockpile content months in advance, so all you have to do is post and interact with your audience. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Patrick Toste from HIGHOPES

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