4 Branding Myths (+ How They Can Impact Your Weed Business)

4 Branding Myths

Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of your cannabis business. With more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, it hasn’t taken long for the competition to grow. In this booming market, retail brands and dispensaries need to win over consumers by creating a memorable brand that sets them apart from the competition. 

The top cannabis brands and dispensary operators are accomplishing this by tapping into their consumers’ enthusiasm, educating them about products, and focusing on building loyalty. But there are a few cannabis marketing myths businesses need to overcome to avoid missing ample opportunities for growth. Here are four of the most common weed branding myths and tips for more effective branding. 

Myth #1: There Is More to Branding Than Your Logo 

Branding should go beyond your logo and packaging — it’s your company’s personality, and you want to make sure you communicate your passion and voice to consumers. Establishing and expressing values that make your company unique will resonate with customers and help them remember your brand. 

Quite simply, your brand is the way you bring your business to life by making it relatable and personable. In addition to your brand’s “look,” you should focus on creating a comprehensive branding strategy that helps define your business’s identity by developing messaging that resonates with your consumers. 

Myth #2: The Brand You Create Will Sell Itself 

Many cannabis newcomers assume that because they are operating in a billion-dollar business, there is no need for marketing or branding. But this is a misconception that will prevent your business from reaching its potential. Just like consumers in a liquor store, your customers want to be engaged and need information from someone with product knowledge. 

This myth is dangerous because it dismisses the intense market competition and difficult work the majority of people in this industry do to stay afloat. A solid branding strategy, product quality, customer service, and education are all necessary for a successful business. Conducting research to identify your target audience and the types of consumers who align with your values can help reveal your business’s strengths and weaknesses and what it represents.

Myth #3: Developing a Brand Is Expensive and Only for Larger Companies

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, investing in your branding is crucial and goes a long way in building equity for your company. Having a strong brand differentiates you from your competitors and allows you to build consumer awareness. 

While it’s true that building your brand will require resources, investing in your brand is not a luxury but a necessity, and holding back due to cost concerns can hinder your business’s long-term success. Well-executed branding should directly speak to your potential customers, present your content in the best light, and give your business a professional feel. 

In the end, the benefits of branding far outweigh the costs, and a strong brand can help build your reputation, attract and retain customers, and increase your overall revenue. 

Myth #4: Branding Is a One-and-Done Task 

Branding is not just a one-time effort — it’s a continuous journey that requires a consistent commitment and adjustments to adapt to the changing market. As your business grows, your brand should evolve, and it’s essential to regularly review and refine your brand to ensure it remains relevant. 

One way to differentiate your brand from the competition is through brand education. Although the cannabis industry is quickly becoming the norm, it’s easy to forget that the industry is fairly new, and you should make sure budtenders understand your brand’s specific values. As professionals who work with cannabis every day, ensuring that you and your staff have as much knowledge on the subject as possible is crucial. 


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