Disrupting the California
Vaporizer Market

  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
UNREAL had one plan, and one plan only, for entering the California recreational cannabis market. That was to offer the highest quality product at a previously unseen price. No gimmicks, no surprises, just THC-heavy disposable vaporizers made from pure cannabis extract at the lowest cost for consumers.
The HIGHOPES team worked with UNREAL to craft a full brand identity that aligned with their vision then extended the visual system into product packaging design. In addition to the logo, we established their color framework, determined the brand typography, and created a system of patterns that correlated to the product strain effects.
The packaging design for UNREAL is where the brand identity truly shines. Both the product packaging color and pattern usage directly represent the effects associated with each strain type to aid in visual communication with the consumer. 

The overall packaging design layout is minimal, clean and straightforward to symbolize the authentic and raw nature of the product. 
As UNREAL prepared internal operations to enter the market, our team designed and developed a digital landing page that would tease the brand's launch. Additionally, we included functionality to convert pre-launch wholesale inquires from dispensary and delivery buyers interested in carrying UNREAL products.
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