kush valley

A Numbers First
Packaging System
for a Premier Producer

  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Production
Kush Valley is a Tier 3 producer/processor located in the Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington. They are dedicated to providing the best light-hydrocardon extracted concentrates and high quality cannabis in the state. We teamed up with Kush Valley to create a packaging design that they could feature across their entire line of premium products.

We created a straightforward design and system for Kush Valley's packaging that matched their "numbers don't lie" attitude. Unlike most brands in the market, Kush Valley wanted to have the analytics front and center for their consumers. This packaging style was incorporated across all of their products as we continued to help build, evolve and market their brand.
Kush Valley was one of the first Washing producer/processors to provide their consumers with analytics outside of just THC percentage. It became a staple of their brand and we focused on creating a packaging design system that highlighted their value on transparency. Each product packaging was designed to feature a terpene profile and detailed breakdown of percentages to influence consumer purchasing behavior.
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