Ignite Your
Inner Adventurer

  • Identity Design
  • Website Design and Development
Campfire Cannabis is a Massachusetts-based chain of recreational dispensaries that is driven to help customers ignite their next adventure. A family-owned and operated cannabis business with a passion for providing the highest quality products and personalized experience for their customers through the lens of the great outdoors.

Our team at HIGHOPES interpreted Campfire Cannabis's adventurous vision into a full brand identity that established their logo system, brand fonts, color scheme, and secondary elements. Additionally, in order to ensure consistency and cohesiveness in the brand moving forward, we crafted comprehensive brand guidelines for their team.
The outdoor enthusiast spirit really took form during the website design and development process. Fusing the old and new with elements like brush stroke breaks, drop shadows, topographic patterns, and plenty of inspirational photography. For conversion optimization, a custom multi-location call-to-action was developed to ensure maximum ease of online ordering.
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