Premium Cannabis
By, And For, The
Oakland Community 

  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design and Development
As a beneficiary of Oakland's SEP program, the founders behind The Black Card were driven to provide luxury-grade cannabis to the communities they had long called home. Communities that have unfairly felt the repercussions of irrational marijuana laws meant to preserve systemic oppression and other societal injustices. The Black Card was built on the belief that everyone, regardless of any status, should be entitled to enjoy the highest quality cannabis products.

However, The Black Card lacked the right team to execute on their vision and create a luxury cannabis brand they could be proud to represent. The HIGHOPES team partnered with The Black Card to design the brand's identity, establish the product packaging's visual direction, and develop a digital experience for launch into the market.
We determined a tier-system scale that could be used to designate the differences in quality amongst The Black Card's cannabis flower. The Silver tier offers affordability without sacrificing quality.  The Gold tier provides industry-leading, top-shelf cannabis. The Platinum tier is high-grade cannabis at its finest.

A black label on a black jar was selected for product packaging to communicate an elevated sense of exclusivity. While foil treatments were utilized across all tiers to increase the luxurious feeling with consumers.
In order to maximize The Black Card's potential when entering the California market, we designed and developed a one-page website to coincide with the brand's launch. The website's primary focus was to provide initial information on The Black Card and their luxury cannabis products while driving consumers to the closest partner dispensary.
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