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Web Design Grand Rapids

Web Design Grand Rapids

It doesn’t matter the kind or size of business you run. As long as it’s legitimate, a business website is a must-have. Even companies that have no intention of selling online or serve a strictly local customer base have a lot to gain from having a functional website. However, just any website would not do the job. As specialist web designers in Grand Rapids, we understand that there are certain essential elements all small business websites must have if they are to facilitate the growth of the business. Here are some of them:

A compelling Home Page

The home page is probably where most of your visitors would be directed to. So, you need to create a lasting impression in their minds. Think of the home page as the exterior of your brick and mortar shop. It has to be catchy enough to arouse interest and attract people to see what’s inside. Asides appealing visuals, you should also have a concise and compelling website copy that states what your business does, your target customers, your reason for existence, and what makes you different from the competition.

Our firm appreciates the fact that there are many creative ways to design and structure a website home page. When handling web design in Grand Rapids, we ensure that our approach fits the brand we’re working with and resonates with their target customers.

User-friendly navigation

Your website’s navigation menu is the only transport facility available on the website. Thus, you should make it convenient and easily accessible so that visitors can easily move from one point to another on the website. You should also structure your website in a logical manner, such that visitors know which page to go in a bid to get the answers they need. A lot of people say they would not think twice before abandoning a website with poor navigation. Yours shouldn’t be one of them.

Search feature

Search boxes allow customers to find the information they need whenever they need them. Websites with this feature give users a smooth navigation experience because they can simply type in a keyword or phrase and the relevant pages will appear. This feature is especially useful for businesses with a lot of content on their website.

FAQ Page

As you engage with more and more customers, you’ll realize that a lot of people have very similar questions. An FAQ page saves you the stress of attending to each query individually while also ensuring that your customers find quick answers to the common questions they’d like to ask. When helping any small business with web design in Grand Rapids, we ensure that we curate the frequently asked questions about the business and provide comprehensive, easy to access answers to them.

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Do you want a functional and compelling website for your small business, and you’re unsure of how to go about it? It would be best if you talked to our expert web designers at Virtuosic Group. As a full-service marketing and branding company that specializes in meeting the needs of small businesses, we have the knowledge and experience needed to project your business to a broader audience instantly. Get in touch with us today for web design in Grand Rapids, and you’ll be glad you did.

Web Design Grand Rapids
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