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Real Cbd Oil

If you’re like most of our customers at EVO3, you’re looking for real CBD oil- not something that’s been watered down with soybean oil and additives, artificial flavorings, and unpronounceable ingredients. Our oils are organic, potent, and contain only a handful of ingredients, so you won’t have to read labels or research our formulation. All-natural CBD oils from EVO3 contain organic CBD, MCT oil from coconut, and essential oil: orange, mint, or cinnamon. Our products provide positive proof that all the other filler ingredients are unnecessary.

What is Real CBD Oil?

Real CBD oil is a term used to refer to a CBD product that has not been compromised by any one of the commonly used methods of manufacturers to make their product go further. There are many examples of how CBD companies can take a small amount of potent CBD and increase their sales profits:

  • Cutting CBD with poor quality oils that offer no health benefits
  • Adding artificial colors & flavors
  • Combining real CBD oil with ingredients that have no medicinal value

Real CBD oil from EVO3 is blended with MCT coconut oil to enhance absorption. The benefit of using an MCT oil made from coconut is that it offers many health benefits on its own, apart from the CBD. We’ve also added a few drops of pure, essential oil to add a touch of delicious goodness to our oils; there are three flavors to choose from.

How Can I Choose a Quality CBD Oil?

First, look for a product that has been independently tested and has testing results available for you to read. Test results are referred to as a Certificate of Analysis, and make it easy to compare the product with others on the Web. EVO3 is pleased to provide clear and comprehensive lab test results for your examination- simply click on the ‘Resources’ link and select ‘EVO3 CBD Lab Results’ from the menu. Be sure to read labels, spend some time looking at customer reviews, and buy from a reputable CBD company that is concerned about your customer experience.

EVO3 Stands For Quality

We’re committed to selling only real CBD oil that is beneficial to the health of our customers. Not only will you find no additives or filler ingredients in any of our CBD products, but while you read our product labels, you won’t find ingredients that are hard to pronounce or unidentifiable. Real CBD oil from EVO3 is derived from organically grown hemp from US farms that are every bit as committed to quality as we are. We won’t compromise on the products we offer on our website and we don’t expect you to compromise on quality, either.

Affordable, Authentic CBD Oil

Browse the World Wide Web and see if you can find another CBD product with the same high quality that is found in our products. We want you to be a customer for life, which is why all of our products are potent, pure, and effective in treating pain and many different medical conditions. CBD oil from EVO3 is safe for your pets, too.

Real Cbd Oil
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