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CBD is generally regarded as a very safe product. CBD has very few, if any, side effects but only when the dose is right, and the product is genuinely pure. The Health Benefits of CBD are no longer a secret. Whether it is the physical or mental health of a person, CBD has produced promising results in each aspect. But still being new to the market, there remains a lack of research, a fixed standard against which all CBD products can be tested, and a lack of regulation in the market by the administration.

Lack of regulation exposes a huge threat to buying CBD products. These threats increase manifold when you start searching for CBD products or CBD extracts online. But these risks can be reduced if you are just a bit more careful. Here's what you can do to ensure you don’t get mugged online.

1) If It's Too Good, It's Probably Fake:

Making an isolate CBD is a costly procedure and must carry out with great care. So if too much is being offered at very low rates, then something is fishy.

2) Product Must Be Tested By A 3rd Party:

A solid proof of any product's authenticity is, it must be tested by a 3rd party. If the website claims that their product is tested, then the documentation must be available at their website. The report will mention all the CBD extracts present or missing in cannabis extracts.

A missing lab report raises a lot of ambiguity over a product's authenticity or what CBD extracts are present in it. This makes it extremely important to search for a lab report of any CBD product before purchasing it online. P.S – Some companies provide a lab report only when you ask for it. So if it’s missing online, you can message them if they reply, well and good. If they don’t, try searching somewhere else.

3) Amount Of THC In A Product:

Whether you are buying CBD oil, CBD powder, or CBD cream, always check for the percentage of THC in it. THC is a component in CBD products that makes a person go ‘high’ Varying from state to state, the permissible

THC percentage can be from 0,0% to 0.3%. This amount is not enough to make a person feel ‘ high.' Confirm the amount of THC permissible in your state, then purchase your product online.

4) Source Of Hemp And Cultivation Method: 

If a website claims ‘pure CBD for sale,' then check the source of CBD. Most commonly, CBD is extracted from hemp. The quality of that hemp is a key factor in deciding the quality of any particular CBD product.

The best companies remain in close contact with hemp suppliers to ensure that top-notch hemp is used in their products. In contrast, others may try to launch their product in the market using low-quality hemp just to save a few bucks. Some companies might claim that their hemp was top-quality, but such claims can only justified when a company is in direct contact with the hemp supplier.

To ensure the quality of hemp, the technique used for cultivation is also important. A carefully pH-balanced soil and abstaining from pesticides are a few measures that ensure good quality hemp.

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